Your first thought is probably that my website is random and pointless - which is correct! This website first started out as just an online CV for when I was searching for a new job. Whilst I was unemployed I then decided to use this time to develop new skills so I started building on this site to learn Javascript, Jquery and CSS. This has also now become like a blog/diary just so I can keep track of the places I've been, the shows I've seen and the successful (and unsuccessful) dishes I've made. You'll probably note that there are no yields or measurements on my food page - that's simply because I have NO idea what I'm doing, it's all made up as I go along!

So here's a few random facts about me:

I am very passionate about music, as you can probably tell I frequently attending concerts and festivals. I also play and have attained grades in several instruments including the saxophone, guitar, piano and drums (admittedly not particularly well anymore!).

My favourite genre of music is actually alternative/rock/metal but I also love classical music and have a huge love for traditional and contemporary ballet, especially works by Tchaikovsky.

I started travelling around the world in 2004 and haven't been able to stop since. The countries I have visited include Mexico, India, Egypt, Japan, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Bali and many more. Most of my travel is inspired by my love of snowboarding, at which I am very proficient having reached intermediate level 6. I have also picked up basic conversational Japanese and Spanish.

My love of travel has also inspired me to learn more about cooking in different cuisines from around the world. I am now very selective when it comes to ingredients, my primary concern is that all the meat I eat is both Free Range and Organic and I now try to eat meat as minimal as possible as I have now discovered that you can make fantastic dishes without using animals.